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SIFAN Single Fibre Analysis


Sifan for use in the Forensic industry:

Some of the most important pieces of evidence collected from a crime scene are hair samples and fibres.  An automated high accuracy approach to the analysis of these fibres would be an extremely valuable tool in the assessment of the evidence.


We have an extensive history in developing new technologies and manufacturing rapid, automatic fibre measurement instruments for animal fibres, cotton, synthetic, glass etc. The new version 5 of the SIFAN instrument incorporates many of the innovations from these instruments, and allows the automatic imaging and measurement of single fibres at a resolution that has not been possible before.  Some of the features of this new instrument are non-destructive high resolution sub-micron diameter measurement of up to 360 angles, surface roughness profile (scale morphology), 3D model generation, internal opacity and bi-refringence and ovality.  This data is generated automatically and can be saved and recorded for future reference, then stamped to various blockchains.  This data can then be recalled, verified and matched years later if required.

By scanning the fibre at a number of angles along its length an accurate 3 dimensional picture can be established.  The cross sectional area along the fibre is especially relevant as there is up to 100 percent deviation of diameter in the same fibre.  We have seen from millions of animal fibre measurements on the OFDA2000 that there is a strong correlation between the profile of different hairs of the same animal.  This correlation combined with repeatable high accuracy diameter profiles could potentially be used as an additional factor to link a suspect with a hair without the use of DNA based identification techniques.

By using polarized lighting and new technology in polarized imaging it has become possible to extract high accuracy bi-refringence data from the internal structure of a fibre.  The bi-refringence measurement uses the correction algorithm from our Cottonscope instrument to cancel the optical effects of the fibre shape on the polarized light, making it possible to view subtle changes in the bi-refringence.


Introducing Sifan 5, An Automated Optical Image Analysis Instrument For Hair and Fibres

See the SIFAN at IAFS 2023, International Association of Forensic Sciences in Sydney, Australia. 

Advantages and benefits of SIFAN

· SIFAN measures a single fibre up to 400mm long (longer if required)
· Produce breaking curve of the fibre after diameter measurement
· Produce cross-section profile of convex fibres along fibre from multiple views, essential for non-circular fibres
· Able to rotate fibre and re-measure at up to 360 angles
· Produce 3D model of fibre
· Easy operation and fast loading
· Programmable for multiple scans whilst stretching the fibre​

Suitable fibre types

Synthetic, wire, optical fibre, animal fibres, human hair.
Convex cross section required for accurate 3D modelling.

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