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OFDA 2000 Benchtop and Portable

Laboratory or fully portable instrument designed to measure greasy wool and diameter profile along the staple. It provides the same accuracy and speed as the OFDA 100. Recognised by IWTO test method TM 47 for measuring fibre snippets.

2000BT mini no backgroundpng.png

Laboratory Model

ofda2000 mini portable edited.png

Portable Model

OFDA 4000

Measure diameter, length and hauteur of fibres in one single measurement. It can also emulate the OFDA 2000 in measurements and is suitable for wool, animal and most synthetic fibres. Recognised by IWTO test method TM 62.


An online multiple fibre measurement system. Measuring up to 400 fibres simultaneously. Using ultra high speed patented cameras to measure diameter and faults such as slubs, thick and thin places. 

OfdaMFX Exhibition Oct19.png


Measures a single fibre up to 400mm long (longer if required). Produces the  breaking curve of the fibre after diameter measurement, cross-section profile of convex fibres and 3D model of fibre. Suitable fibre types: Synthetic, wire, optical fibre, animal fibres, human hair.



Diamscope measures up to 20,000 fibres per minute in a water bath.  It is capable of providing mean diameter and distribution from 0.2 to 150 microns (um). It is ideal for measuring glass, ceramic, synthetic and carbon fibres.

Diamscope 2 06Mar20.png


Cottonscope provides a quick, accurate and direct measurement of cotton maturity and fineness. Cottonscope is a fully automated microscope that captures colour images of cotton snippets in water.

Retired Instruments

OFDA 100 replaced by OFDA 2000

OFDA 5000 replaced by the Diamscope.

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