The OFDA MFX is an online multiple fibre measurement system.  Using ultra high speed patented cameras to measure diameter and faults such as slubs, thick and thin places.  No moving parts and solid state components ensure high reliability and stability in measurements. The compact industrial design allows the system to be easily installed with minimal intrusion to any operation. Employing Microsoft Windows operating system and Ethernet connection, the data is easily accessible. The OFDA MFX system is the perfect addition to monitor outputs to produce premium products.




Diameter range                         0.005 to 1.5mm

Sample rate per fibre                14000


Accuracy                                   ± 0.002 mm

Number of simultaneous fibre   400

Fault detection                          

Outputs                                     4 (customisable for different defects)


120 x 490 x 1300mm (depending on length required)   

Slubs (as short as 1mm), necks, standard deviation, thick and thin places

Charged coupled device (CCD) and light emitting devices (LED)

  • Non contact measurement makes non destructive measurements and easy material handling

  • No moving parts to ensure high reliability

  • Ultra high speed to detect short defects

  • Customised software facility

  • 100% monitoring ensures quality products

  • The most cost effect system on the market  

  • Compact design allows fast integration into production lines

  • Excellent resistance to dust and dirt particles

  • Multiple digital outputs for mulitple defect alarms

  • Labels print out for spool identification and defect print out for quality control



Monitor hundreds of fibres at the same time from a convenient diameter graph.



Ultra high speed cameras captures defects as short as 1mm to produce premium products with confidence.





Global data accessible on a single screen with coloured highlights of fibres requiring attention. 

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