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For fibre types including wool, cashmere, mohair, glass and synthetic fibres in web form. Providing fast and accurate measurements for diameter (range 4 - 300 um), medullation and curvature (crimp). This product is no longer available and has been replaced by OFDA 2000.
Laboratory or fully portable instrument designed to measure greasy wool and diameter profile along the staple. It provides the same accuracy and speed as the OFDA 100. Recognised by IWTO test method TM 47 for measuring fibre snippets.
Measure diameter, length and hauteur of fibres in one single measurement. It can also emulate the OFDA 2000 in measurements and is suitable for wool, animal and most synthetic fibres. Recognised by IWTO test method TM 62.
The world's first optical based instrument to measure diameter accurately below 1 um. Measurement range of 0.5 - 60 um is ideal for ultrafine fibres such as glass and ceramic.
Produces a three dimensional model of the fibre by measuring the diameter at predefined number of angles. Also measures the breaking strength of the fibre.


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