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SIFAN (Single Fibre Analyser) produces a three dimensional model of the fibre by measuring the diameter at predefined number of angles.A length of fibre usually has a cross section that varies along its length. A fact which has a major influence on the fibre strength and breaking point. SIFAN is a compact test machine that was developed to meet the demand for fibre research with a new level of detail.

SIFAN measures the diameter along a single fibre from several directions at a number of pre-programmed tensions to produce 3 dimensional Models of fibres at increasing strain.

SIFAN also measures the force breaking curve after the diameter measurement and hence strength and fibre elongation, which determines the tenacity of a fibre. It works according to the principle of the constant deformation rate, i.e. the clamps with the clamped fibre depart from each other with constant speed. Strong yarn can not be made from weak fibres, therefore it is so important for the spinning mill and fibre research to measure both the fibre strength and fibre elongation with consideration to the fibre fineness along the fibre.

Measured Values
  • Cross section area along fibre (convex cross section area)
  • Minimum and maximum diameter at each point
  • Tensile strength in cN
  • Breaking elongation in %
  • Tenacity Grams/Denier
  • Mean Fibre Diameter in µm, denier or dtex
Statistical Values:
  • Fibre diameter in um, denier or decitex at each point along the fibre
  • Standard deviation
  • Coefficient of variation
  • Breaking curve
  • Fibre images can be saved in Windows format for including in reports
  • All data can be exported to spreadsheets for research
Advantages and Benefits of SIFAN
  • SIFAN measures a single fibre up to 300mm long
  • Resolution along fibre adjustable from 5 to 500µm
  • Produce breaking curve of the fibre after diameter measurement
  • Produce convex cross-section profile along fibre from multiple views, essential for non-circular fibres
  • Diameter resolution 0.1µm
  • Able to rotate fibre and re-measure at up to 50 angles
  • Produce 3D model of fibre
  • Typical measurement time 1-5 minutes per fibre
  • High efficiency
  • Easy operation and fast loading



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