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OFDA 5000
OFDA 5000 is the world's first automatic rapid image analysis system to measure fibre diameter of snippets from 0.5 to 60 microns (um). Measuring up to 20,000 fibres per minute and has a standard deviation of sample mean typically less than 0.05um. It provides measurements for mean and distribution of fibre diameter, curvature distribution, denier and decitex. Ideal for measuring:
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Synthetic microfibres

OFDA 5000 automatically calculates the mean and coefficient of variation (CV) of diameter when a sample is measured. Data is saved in spreadsheet format and the percentage of fibres in a given range can be easily calculated from it. Fibre images and measurement points are updated in real time on the screen.


  • 0.5 um to 60 um fibre diameter range.
  • High repeatability, mean value typically +/- 0.05 um.
  • Spreadsheet output with 0.2µm resolution diameter histogram.
  • Up to 20,000 fibre snippets measured per minute.
  • No operator bias from measurements.
  • Standard 70mm square glass slides.
  • Rapid sample preparation similar to OFDA100 instrument.

Operating OFDA 5000

Operation is similar to the OFDA 100 instrument. Snippets are cut from the sample using a 2mm guillotine and spread by automatic spreader onto a hinged 70mm square glass slide. This process takes 1 - 2 minutes. The slide of snippets is then placed on the OFDA 5000, the sample identification is entered and the measurement of the whole slide takes 45 seconds. Typically measuring 4,000 - 20,000 fibre snippets depending on the quality of spread. The sample is then brushed or vacuumed off the slide ready for the next sample. Industry standard safety procedures must be followed when handling micro fibres.

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