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The OFDA MA is a multi axes optical measurement system measuring diameter and roundness. Each unit acquires the measurements using three axes, with each axis at 60 degrees. A configuration with two units can measure up to six independent axes simultaneously, providing even higher accuracy and detail. The OFDA MA is a robust and compact unit, designed for online operation, it utilises solid state components and no moving parts.


Charged coupled device (CCD) and light emitting devices (LED)
Diameter range
10 to 200 microns (larger is possible)
Sample rate per fibre 6000
± 0.2 um or ± 1%, whichever is greater and repeatability of ± 0.01 um
Number of axes
3 (6 axes if used in dual configuration)
Dimensions 40 x 165 x 185 mm


  • Non contact measurement makes non destructive measurements and easy material handling.
  • Solid state components and no moving parts to ensure high reliability.
  • Up to 6 axes measurement in dual configuration mode.
  • Customised software facility.
  • The most cost effect 3 and 6 axes system on the market.
  • Compact design allows fast integration into production lines.
  • Common easy to set up communication using Ethernet.



Roundness Errors

The accuracy of the measured diameter of an ellipse is determined by the number of cross sections taken at equidistant angles. The more cross sections taken the better the accuracy.

Roundness is calulated by dividing the difference of the maximum and minimum diameter..

Below are a set of graphs illustrating the results using 2, 3 and 6 cross sections of an ellipse rotated over 180 degrees.

Diameter error
Roundness error

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