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Item Recogniser

A smart stand alone device that instantly recognises items. An existing bar code scanner can then be used to read the on screen barcode.  Advertisements can be shown between uses and can be rapidly updated via wireless network or internet.


Recognition time
< 0.5 sec
Screen size
12 “
Maximum item size 190 x 120 mm
Minimum item size
5 x 5 mm
Database size 100, 000
Dimensions 32 W x 28 D x 72 H cm
Weight 6 Kg
Voltage 110 / 240 V AC 50W

Note: specifications are subject to change.


Faster point-of-sale operations. Instant recognition reduces labour cost and customer frustration.

Reduction in item recognition error, leading to improvement in inventory management.

Less items needs to be bar coded, leading to reduction in the cost of items that can be purchased without bar codes.

Removal of cost of printing and distributing shadow books.

Display of advertisements and announcements. Advertising space can sold or daily specials and announcements can be displayed.

Video surveillance. The front mounted camera can capture, store and display images for security purposes. Images can be accessed via the internet.

Instant database update via internet. Databases (item images), advertisements and announcements can be updated via wireless broadband internet.

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Item Recogniser




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